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Can we book in for a quick inside and out wash?

We don’t offer any quick washes. We take pride in what we do, meaning that the shortest valet we can offer is 3 hours long. This allows us to get the best possible results without comprising the quality of the work we produce. After all, it’s our reputation!

What products do you use?

A good result and safe finish really does depend on the products used. We use a wide variety of detailing products and don’t stick to one brand. We ensure all products are tried and tested before they’re used on customers cars. Products we use are from companies such as Carbon Collective, Gyeon, Krystal Kleen Detail and much more.

Can you only do the outside of the car?

In short, it depends. We advise you call or email us and we can discuss a bespoke package with you!

Do you fix any issues such as cracked leather, dents in the paintwork etc?

No, the most we can do is remove swirls and possibly some scratches on the paintwork (depending on severity). Stone chips, dents and cracked leather isn’t something we’re able to rectify.

How long do the services last?

A: Maintenance – 3-3.5 hours
Full valet 4-6 hours
Winter Protection 4 hours
Paint enhancement – 10 hours (full day)
Detailing and ceramic coatings vary, and an accurate time frame would need to be discussed personally.

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