paint correction

Paint correction

We use a range of Carbon Collective Professional Ceramic coatings to get the best out of your paintwork. For 5-7 years, the ceramic coating will bond to your paintwork, keeping it cleaner for longer, easier to maintain, resistant to scratches all while keeping it incredibly glossy!There are optional extras to include ceramic coatings to wheels and glass. We also offer a “self-healing” ceramic coating that heals itself in heat. (Removes marring, swirls etc to keep the polished paintwork looking amazing).

Minor paint correction 95%+ swirl and defect removal

(3-4 days)


  • wheels and arches cleaned
  • Snow-foam and citrus prewash
  • Paint work safe wash
  • Engine bay detail
  • Paintwork decontaminated
  • Multi stage paint correction
  • Ceramic coating to the paintwork
  • Protection added to glass and wheels.
  • Deep interior clean
  • Interior hoover
  • Surfaces wiped
  • Leather cleaned
  • Glass cleaned
  • Deodorised